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5 day time lapse creation

Time lapse of 3D chalk pavement installation

World Trade Centre, Dubai

Client: Novo Nordisk / Adtomic

Project Details

5 Day Time Lapse Creation The brief was for a five day, 10 hours per day, time lapse capture plus event reportage. The process involved a 2 camera set up. Camera one on a fixed tripod, 20mm manual focus lens with an intervelomter set for one exposure every 10 seconds. Second camera used for candid shots of the process and interested public.


Over 12,500 images (500GB) captured and then post processed to colour balance and eliminate flicker in the finished time lapse. The images were compiled into 2 versions for each day, with the longer video version per day having a running time of approx 1 min 30 seconds. Total video run time for 5 days approx 8 mins. Videos plus reportage images delivered to client via FTP. Both full definition print quality and also web optimized formats with full meta data and clear file naming structure.

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